There are few ways for using TinyMCE in Bootstrap modals. Sometimes it happened when TinyMCE gets blocked, so we can some ways to fix it.

1) Using TinyMCE in a Bootstrap modal dialog window

If you’re using TinyMCE in a Bootstrap dialog, you’ll need to add the following code after tinymce.init({...});:

// Prevent Bootstrap dialog from blocking focusin
$(document).on("focusin", function(e) {
  if (
      ".tox-tinymce-aux, .moxman-window, .tam-assetmanager-root"
  ) {

2) Autofocus on TinyMCE editor inside Bootstrap modal dialog window:

If you’d like TinyMCE to have focus automatically when presented in a Bootstrap modal window, replacing #myModal and content for your own values as required:

// Autofocus on dialog
$("#myModal").on("", function() {
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